Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez
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FIplace is an American video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim-created the service in February 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; FIplace now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.
What On Earth Is Troom Troom Doing
2 päivää sitten
2 päivää sitten
Takis Are Seriously Intense
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Is Varli Ok?
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The Best YouTuber
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The King Copycat of TikTok
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Guava Juice Is Out Of Control
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Why Did KFC Make A Romance Movie
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Kung Fu.... Rabbit???
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Ultimate Balance
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I Made A Viral TikTok Song
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Spooky Man
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How 2 Be Rich
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Straight Up Bothering People
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My Dad Is Rich
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Maybe The Worst Prank
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POV I'm Your Vampire Dad
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Joker TikToks Stop Please
Vuosi sitten
BlogManiac64 21 tunti sitten
omg sundae 🥺
durszl 21 tunti sitten
The rich eats food and the broke eats the rich
Emily 21 tunti sitten
maybe the poor bride should get hellofresh
BlogManiac64 21 tunti sitten
rich miana
Sakshi Jadhav
Sakshi Jadhav 21 tunti sitten
Fell Prime
Fell Prime 21 tunti sitten
I have Guinea pig to
bogdan gamer ştefan găşileanu
I saw another video and the pond monster is an aligator or crocodile and cals it a monster
Tiger-lily Bocchino
Tiger-lily Bocchino 21 tunti sitten
5:06 :how can kids even process what is going on in this video? Answer: *we cant*
Ashkan 21 tunti sitten
Danny's youtooz looks like a grown man wtf?
Kermit with a Coat
Kermit with a Coat 21 tunti sitten
My brain just can’t process what I just watched. O god.
aqua 21 tunti sitten
You should try reacting to 123 go, they basically do the same crappy cringy content
The Whoppeloser
The Whoppeloser 21 tunti sitten
I think I have some weird belly button phobia because the thumbnail made me feel actual pain
Anthony Lucero
Anthony Lucero 21 tunti sitten
I just realized why Ben from NHIE feels oddly familiar
prod. by ben
prod. by ben 21 tunti sitten
danny drools at 11:46 for your viewing pleasure
Nijimura Okuyasu
Nijimura Okuyasu 21 tunti sitten
Aokiji be like: 11:06
Valer Fox
Valer Fox 21 tunti sitten
Review finding jesus coward
Abhilash K.P
Abhilash K.P 21 tunti sitten
I had a great day until this movie
Josie Senneff
Josie Senneff 21 tunti sitten
I find it funny that Danny mentioned dogs not being able to defend against bats literally during the pit bull section 😅😅 If you didn't know, Pit bulls not only have skulls of literal steel but I'm pretty sure they have one of if not the highest muscle mass of any dog breed.
Thomas the tank engine
Thomas the tank engine 21 tunti sitten
Mickey Mouse keeps hitting me up at am :/"
KalinaxBiss 21 tunti sitten
*Anything exists* Troom Troom: WRITE THAT DOWN!
dumb! 21 tunti sitten
money can't buy happiness -rich people
ER :LC roleplays
ER :LC roleplays 21 tunti sitten
Montgomery gator gamer
Montgomery gator gamer 21 tunti sitten
ShaedTheMoron 21 tunti sitten
"The Doctor gave me a special Liquid and made another baby in me!" *The Doctor was later found shot in the head, the husband on the run for life.*
Martín Offredi
Martín Offredi 21 tunti sitten
Danny Carlos Gonmarxles? 🤔
travissoup 21 tunti sitten
the ideas in the first video weren't actually that bad but the delivery was just awful. don't think they could've made the voice acting any more annoying
couch Potato
couch Potato 21 tunti sitten
Not the nutcracker just sleeping in the background
pneumonoultramicro scopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
epiphanyramen 21 tunti sitten
troom troom is starting to genuinely scare me
Yusef Alshare
Yusef Alshare 21 tunti sitten
I feel like this is something justin bieber would copy
cathal :P
cathal :P 21 tunti sitten
couch Potato
couch Potato 21 tunti sitten
Who is watching this in 2021
zl2r3 21 tunti sitten
the sequel is finally here
gibus theinfamous
gibus theinfamous 21 tunti sitten
Sundae(Sunday?) the dog huh? Sure hope Mr. John's Movies doesn't take note
Perhaps 21 tunti sitten
Fun fact nothing happens I you do stuff at 3am. Mainly because staying up to 3am is effectively Tuesday.
Crispy Gaming
Crispy Gaming 21 tunti sitten
This is a "mmmmbap" moment :3
Theia Anderson
Theia Anderson 21 tunti sitten
Um troom troom I have a question… what..is..this 😟😟😟
Axelerino 21 tunti sitten
Danny has blessed us with 2 videos in 1 week.
Kewin Dawid
Kewin Dawid 21 tunti sitten
Damn, wedding photos made with security cameras sound dope as fuck thogh...
definitely not a cat
definitely not a cat 21 tunti sitten
Danny's hair finally looking less like Gordon Ramsay
Critical Complainer
Critical Complainer 21 tunti sitten
Danny Gonzalez really needs to see this video! Someone please call Rich Danny. He's much funnier than Poor Danny.
Grateful Human
Grateful Human 21 tunti sitten
Your song was actually kind of sad.
Sophia McCullough
Sophia McCullough 21 tunti sitten
Not me liking the video just because he showed his puppy at the end
Sarim Nadeem
Sarim Nadeem 21 tunti sitten
The priest got that Draken cut
The "E" Guy
The "E" Guy 21 tunti sitten
Cris16XD- Roblox
Cris16XD- Roblox 21 tunti sitten
is Danny married?
🖤Your Local Sleep Paralysis Demon🖤(Avan)
He be wearing that Ratatoing drip tho It probably costs like 30 dollars on Wish lol
Potato 🥔
Potato 🥔 22 tuntia sitten
Im so fcking confused because i have my captions on and when danny said “they Com from the sky” my captions said “cum from the sky”
Sincerely, Watermelon
Sincerely, Watermelon 22 tuntia sitten
I see that lime Lacroix can sitting on your table to the left. Pog
Ash Howell
Ash Howell 22 tuntia sitten
why do i get so excited every time danny posts a new video
Saesha 22 tuntia sitten
Marty 22 tuntia sitten
Heavy? HEAVY? …H E A V Y ? ! ?
Random Shorty
Random Shorty 22 tuntia sitten
11:45 something dropped off your chin
mooglemania 22 tuntia sitten
I feel like they googled 'popular american shows' and found shameless and gossip girl, and decided to make an amalgamation of the two, but completely missed the point.
DIO 22 tuntia sitten
Where the fuck do you get a little cactus
Sp_Zo 22 tuntia sitten
Why is no one talking about that beautiful puppy? 🥺 she's so precious
Annia 22 tuntia sitten
Wait...My wife came home and said the doctor put a baby in her..I thought...Wait..WHAT?!
Dylan Paneto
Dylan Paneto 22 tuntia sitten
He should post some more as foxen
Zer0grav3ty 22 tuntia sitten
I'm laughing at the fact that the doctor put two fingers up at the rich woman to say there were two babies. But where I live, putting two fingers up facing someone is the equivalent of using the middle finger on someone. 😀
Rose _Lee
Rose _Lee 22 tuntia sitten
What the... no conclusion - did you forget to film closing thoughts, Danny? Haha
_awkward___bean_ 22 tuntia sitten
The nursery rhymes probably are used to convey the other person’s innocence and being naive, whether it’s the daughter not noticing her mother being manipulative or the two girls not noticing the sketchy taxi driver.
e paige
e paige 22 tuntia sitten
i want one of those book bags
general grievous
general grievous 22 tuntia sitten
Comment: Danny Gonzales should see this. Danny: huh I wonder who that's for
ItsLex 22 tuntia sitten
Idk let’s find out
TheKillerbg YT
TheKillerbg YT 22 tuntia sitten
16:25 - 18:55 thats the greatest movie scene ive ever watched in my life
SymphoSyrup 22 tuntia sitten
Broke baby needs a nap? Sounds great.
Declan Daley
Declan Daley 22 tuntia sitten
that movie danny did was 10/10 jampacked full of drama, action, mystery, and over all comedy. one of the best movies i've watched in long time.
Ryber 2011
Ryber 2011 22 tuntia sitten
Whenever you make fun at troom troom it's like shooting a dead body
✨Swaggy Maggy✨
✨Swaggy Maggy✨ 22 tuntia sitten
Troom troom is not on earth there aliens of craziesness
The Hybrid of Fandoms TM
The Hybrid of Fandoms TM 22 tuntia sitten
Nutcracker lore, Danny. What is it?
Max Emilio
Max Emilio 22 tuntia sitten
Bar icecreams bars so cool🤣🤣
Sneaky Snek
Sneaky Snek 22 tuntia sitten
Funny how the “perfect human” or whatever is blonde hair and blue eyes. Also, destroy the idea of creating a “perfect person,” bc nobody’s idea of perfection is the same, and perfect is stupid. Nobody is perfect, so who cares.
em シ
em シ 22 tuntia sitten
and we're gonna ignore the amount of cultural appropriation this character did
no peace
no peace 22 tuntia sitten
I want that common loon shirt so bad
✨Turtle✨ 22 tuntia sitten
doll 22 tuntia sitten
please danny has some of the best editing on this platform