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Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez 7 kuukautta sitten
why did i think nicki minaj had a lyric about foam fingers wtf
J and J extras
J and J extras 5 päivää sitten
@Fat Snek i laughed im sorry
RayVfx Uukausi sitten
Toes 😘
thecolorlilac -Gurl
thecolorlilac -Gurl Uukausi sitten
Ion know
Shantel Hill
Shantel Hill 4 kuukautta sitten
I mean at least you knew most of it?
ッskyens 4 kuukautta sitten
Kami Yasin
Kami Yasin 2 tuntia sitten
It's true you tube unsubs u
PopLadd 4 tuntia sitten
6:23 I was originally thinking 200k, then went down to 20k because I thought I was grossly overestimating. FUCKING NOPE.
MrMaster 14 tuntia sitten
The BCU Bang cinematic universe
Olivia Halliday
Olivia Halliday Päivä sitten
I guessed 1.7m, wow I'm a fool
That dead thing.
That dead thing. 2 päivää sitten
11:05 Your eyes are legit a different size. You can see how much caffeine you are running on it’s terrifying-
Jeremiah Robles
Jeremiah Robles 2 päivää sitten
You know what? I was buying bang every now and then because it was like 1.50$ at WinCo but because of this marketing scheme I don't think I will anymore.
Mysterious Stranger
Mysterious Stranger 2 päivää sitten
why does the CEO look like hes gonna kill me in the middle of the night
Jack Massie
Jack Massie 2 päivää sitten
I died at mmm whatcha say
Company of Despair
Company of Despair 2 päivää sitten
Bang Energy is for nerds. I drink... Monster Energy drinks. It's also unhealthy, but... It's not Bang. So... Yeah. Hail Sithis. Almost any energy drink is better than Bang, I'm sure of it.
Amanda 2 päivää sitten
I drink both Bang and Monster…. Hail sithis anyway
The Stickman
The Stickman 2 päivää sitten
I don't know why ..but anytime I hear bang. I imagine Ariana Grande saying BANG! on a megaphone
BABAGOMBIZ 2 päivää sitten
I wish they could show the bang cans a little more clearly, i can barely see the product placement
Lei 3 päivää sitten
Mallow 3 päivää sitten
ahhh Danny. Tsk tsk. You fool. You’ve fallen into their trap. Little do you know, you just gave them a free ad to millions of people.
wëé 3 päivää sitten
The bang party is for the influencers
Harmon Carrington
Harmon Carrington 4 päivää sitten
Did anybody realize at 12:32 that there dog is just a head photoshopped into the mix lol
orange 4 päivää sitten
what a banger
Lukas Persson
Lukas Persson 4 päivää sitten
9:52 amogus
Ice Qbe
Ice Qbe 5 päivää sitten
Go Danny go
GreatPandaXD 5 päivää sitten
spinaraki Päivä sitten
me. you. all of us
Jolf 6 päivää sitten
Ayo Dany you looking a lot better than usual, good for you
Oscar PUGLIESE 6 päivää sitten
delicious can of... can
Noah Boat
Noah Boat 6 päivää sitten
someone i know had a seizure after drinking 3 bangs
Human 6 päivää sitten
broke: birthday suit woke: bang uniforms
Roxanne wolf Junior
Roxanne wolf Junior 6 päivää sitten
The one being with that guy who spoils does liquid in it that his friend is named is DK
Amiramations 6 päivää sitten
That dudes abs legit scare me
Ein Fisch
Ein Fisch 7 päivää sitten
"health conscious drink" Every time I drink one, its like a 10% chance I have a panic attack and my heart rate is at a steady 100bpm sitting at my desk and it is the only thing dragging my limp, lifeless body through college right now. 8/10 tastes ok.
pingu 7 päivää sitten
スターリング 7 päivää sitten
If you have caffeine with an empty stomach istg you will literally go crazy and have to go to a mental hospital
スターリング 7 päivää sitten
I thought/looked it your hands was reaching out of the video thumbnail because I have dark mode on 😂😂
Well I’ll be JIGGERED
Well I’ll be JIGGERED 8 päivää sitten
So, my great grandma got my brother a bang (birthday cake flavor) without reading the shit on the label, and now she won’t let anybody have it cause the caffeine was too high for the seven year old kid, and _wayyy_ too high for the ten year old with a hormone imbalance :(
bloom 9 päivää sitten
bang music sounds like the stuff that you have to listen to at the gym if you forget your headphones
Catherine K
Catherine K 10 päivää sitten
Okay, hear me out here. What about we call them "bangers" like bankers but with a g
Brandy 10 päivää sitten
he’s definitely fueled alright. it’s not bang, more like cocaine.
banana bread
banana bread 12 päivää sitten
12:16 JACK OWO (first post)
banana bread
banana bread 12 päivää sitten
12:16 JACK OWO (first post)
WN productions
WN productions 12 päivää sitten
Bruh wtf are the dislike who dosnt like danny i love him
Daniela 13 päivää sitten
And the song from Nicky Minaj is Bang Bang.
Jiffy The Killer
Jiffy The Killer 13 päivää sitten
I want Daddy Gonzales' jacket
Connor Holtzapfel
Connor Holtzapfel 13 päivää sitten
8:30 LOL
Sebastian Barac
Sebastian Barac 14 päivää sitten
Your funny (that’s all I have to say)
spinaraki Päivä sitten
Sagiri Simp
Sagiri Simp 14 päivää sitten
Bang has like 6x the amount of caffeine of a mug of coffee
Brocknado 15 päivää sitten
Theory: Bang contains creatine, which is somewhat of a pre workout. It inflates your muscles to help you lift more weight and build your real muscles. So that might be why there are TikToks of the Bang CEO working out. However, this is just a theory I thought of, and it might not be accurate. Just thought I should share.
mike jones
mike jones 15 päivää sitten
okay honestly Bang is pretty good
Running Forver
Running Forver 15 päivää sitten
Fun fact: Big bang theory was actually sponsored by them
lavenlied 16 päivää sitten
The first time I had a bang, I didn’t know how heavily caffeinated they were and I drank the whole thing in under 10 minutes. I couldn’t stop shaking, my eyes wouldn’t focus, and I felt dizzy for the rest of the day lmao
Roman Allgeier
Roman Allgeier 16 päivää sitten
This video was a banger
Dolgity 16 päivää sitten
1:56 why does he sound like spencer from icarly
Tristen Danyell Thompson-bowers
Random Dude
Random Dude 17 päivää sitten
Karbyn world Deluxe
Karbyn world Deluxe 17 päivää sitten
The title is what I do to my girlfriend
Karbyn world Deluxe
Karbyn world Deluxe Päivä sitten
spinaraki Päivä sitten
u don't even have one tho ☹
MightyManotaur22 18 päivää sitten
FYI the legal loophole is actually what's so weird about these videos. They don't mention Bang or talk about Bang so technically it isn't an ad. It's just a terribly unfunny video that "happens" to have Bang in it. Also I am not a lawyer but I do work in marketing. So I'm 99% sure that's what's happening. This is not legal advice. 😬
Kevin King
Kevin King 18 päivää sitten
As energy drinks go, Bang is actually pretty great. Every can has 300mg of caffeine, which is almost twice as much as most other "regular" energy drinks. Almost every 16oz Monster has 160mg of caffeine, with only a few rare exceptions. Regular (and sugar-free) Rockstar has 160mg, but they also have an entire line (called Pure Zero) which has 240mg(as well as a few random full-of-sugar ones that have or have not been discontinued(I keep seeing them pop up randomly), like Hardcore Apple or the 3 Rockstar Revolt flavors), and another line called xDurance which actually directly competes with Bang, having 300mg of caffeine per can and also having no sugar and no calories. Red Bull is hot garbage and is reserved exclusively for boring people with more money than sense. Red Bull is the Apple of the energy drink world. Personally, I rather like the fact that every single Bang has exactly the same amount of caffeine. You never have to double-check or wonder about it if the store doesn't have the one you're used to, you know without having to check that they ALL have 300mg of caffeine, unlike Monster or Rockstar. Not to mention the sheer number of different flavors they have. At one point at the 711 on the corner of my street, they had 4 full shelves in the cooler just for Bang. That was like 28 flavors. And that's not including the 4 coffee ones that were two cases down. The only thing I don't like about Bang is that it almost never goes on sale, and when it does it's by a tiny amount. At 711, for example, they cost 3.50 a can. The one time I can remember them going on sale, they were on sale for 3.29. Rockstar goes on sale super-regularly and often at 2 for $3, or 3 for $4. I also find them at grocery stores for $1 apiece from time to time. Just a few days ago they were 5/$5, or $1 apiece at Ralph's. Anyway, if you don't care about pricing Bang is great just because of the vast variety of flavors. Otherwise you'd be better off going with Rockstar xDurance (the Cotton Candy flavor is particularly tasty, then strawberry kiwi if you can find it) because it's cheaper but basically the same exact idea(no sugar, no calories, 300mg of caffeine).
Shakier Cave112
Shakier Cave112 18 päivää sitten
Michael Fischer
Michael Fischer 18 päivää sitten
63mg/100ml of caffeine, holy shit
vixxy.dreams 18 päivää sitten
bang doesn’t sound like a word anymore
Gwen K
Gwen K 19 päivää sitten
Can’t believe that it took me this long to realize that he has a picture of himself with an inhaler which is referring to his Weird Side of Amazon video lollll😌
Static_Lxquid 19 päivää sitten
6:24 I said 20M
NRG Cookie
NRG Cookie 19 päivää sitten
Vasco Mtb
Vasco Mtb 19 päivää sitten
The dad gets sniped opening the tv and the dude just says dude are you good you good .
Zack Hirscht
Zack Hirscht 19 päivää sitten
I wonder if it's called "bang" cause it gives you more bang for your buck
Ian M
Ian M 19 päivää sitten
This video made me weirdly sad
spinaraki Päivä sitten
lol why? r u ok
Joe Arnold
Joe Arnold 20 päivää sitten
This stuff was on sale at the store just now and I considered buying it. Then I reconsidered. I mean, that taurine that gets put in most energy drinks is bullshit. It doesn’t do anything, but I don’t know that I want creatine in my soda
Terrible Rappers
Terrible Rappers 20 päivää sitten
So I started a job recently where we sell bang energy. Whenever we sell it a screen pops up asking if the customer is under 40 years old (which doesn’t pop up for any other energy drinks, only for certain medications that can be addictive or used for illegal purposes). So I looked up how much caffeine is in a can and it has 300mg which is almost four times more than a monster energy drink. According to google, the safe caffeine amount for a day is around 400mg spread throughout the day. So, don’t drink Bang
BeBiDoCrime 20 päivää sitten
They should be advertising La Croix smh 🙄🖐
Gang Beasts Clips & compilations
4:39 what type of knock off yeezez are thoughs
it do go down
it do go down 20 päivää sitten
They are the company that made red line aka flat line and they say they are a pharmacy company
Corban Rash
Corban Rash 20 päivää sitten
Breaking news: The BCU is now officially beating the MCU sorry Spider-Man, but Bang gives you better reflexes
Corban Rash
Corban Rash 20 päivää sitten
Mmmm what you sayyyyyyyy😂
Ethan Quintus
Ethan Quintus 21 päivä sitten
My friend was taking a karate test and he was getting tired, so right before he gave up, I sat him down and blessed him with the all the energy of the Bang CEO! and he passed👍
Random Content
Random Content 21 päivä sitten
I just realized that 8:00 is a spoiler for the can of bang that he drinks later in the episode.
Jesse Crespo
Jesse Crespo 21 päivä sitten
Danny not knowing "radical skedaddle" means Skittles 🧸
Lirio Hardy
Lirio Hardy 21 päivä sitten
uhhhh, u guys ever watch izombie?
Ravenclaw Lovegood
Ravenclaw Lovegood 22 päivää sitten
So quick story involving bang: There is a rainbow unicorn bang. So when I saw that at my local target I thought “ I wonder what a rainbow unicorn tastes like.” Is there something wrong with me-
Miniman plays
Miniman plays 23 päivää sitten
EmuMasterPOG 23 päivää sitten
Bang noooo La Croix yesssssss
Fhdang 897
Fhdang 897 23 päivää sitten
I think bang is an extremely addictive energy drink with a shit ton of caffeine in it and maybe crack cocain
Chouzetsu 23 päivää sitten
_________ this coment was sponsored [Bang] | | [ ] ________
FireFront 23 päivää sitten
MANNN now i REALLY want a bAnG
Murph theGangster
Murph theGangster 24 päivää sitten
Ooh my favourite episode, “Ummm Daddy wanna Bang”
*.✧ Bunn. *.✧
*.✧ Bunn. *.✧ 24 päivää sitten
Why was Danny so confident about foam fangers.
OxygenMagnet 24 päivää sitten
yeah drinking caffeine on an empty stomach is not fun
Eutlann 25 päivää sitten
i like how in 8:36 when they see a sniper in the hill they just stand there and be like :OH NO WE GONNA DIE BY A SNIPER
Mat StealzEvrythin
Mat StealzEvrythin 25 päivää sitten
i thought bangfluencers were ripoff pornstars...
Godzilla fan 513
Godzilla fan 513 25 päivää sitten
5/10 is 50% so an F
Caravaneer Khed
Caravaneer Khed 26 päivää sitten
I had a bang today lol they are actually really good, I used to work somewhere that we prominently sold them…. And I used to drink 4 a day it was bad.
Starfly 26 päivää sitten
I just realized that Danny is 🥲
Niceswish 26 päivää sitten
Karsen K
Karsen K 26 päivää sitten
No capping I saw this vid and went to circle k and bought a bang before practice and it gave me the craziest energy I’ve ever had and now I drink one. every day
William White
William White 26 päivää sitten
300mg of caffeine in a bang 16oz. Red Bull has 148mg. So it seems their strategy is to just make it feel like your on drugs/give people heart palpitations?
Lexi Weatherspoon
Lexi Weatherspoon 27 päivää sitten
The three unspeakable words in this world: 1. Voldemort 2. Corona 3. Bang Energy Drinks The consequence of saying any of these three words will be a bullet to the head and/or demonetization.
WhyIsDieselUnavailable 27 päivää sitten
this was posted 2 days before my birthday
Shaken_Thesaurus 27 päivää sitten
Therapist: Backwards hat Danny doesn’t exist, he can’t hurt you Backwards hat Danny:
Neal Watts
Neal Watts 27 päivää sitten
The Bang CEO is basically the My Pillow Guy of energy drinks
Cationna 27 päivää sitten
People go to Bang concerts to try to get rid of at least some of the otherworldly, interdimentional Bang energy
Tyokomon X
Tyokomon X 27 päivää sitten
I half expected this video to be sponsored by bang, guess help fresh beat em to it
Tiago Me
Tiago Me 28 päivää sitten
Ok, but the ninki's verse danny recited wrongly was from the song bang bang...
Caspian Alexander
Caspian Alexander 28 päivää sitten
Plot twist this vid is an ad
333Honko Productions
333Honko Productions 28 päivää sitten
Hey Danny try Redline if they still sell it
skiibee 28 päivää sitten
Yeah, when I drank bang, my heart was racing really fast, and I felt nauseous. I may be in the class-action lawsuit soon. 👀
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