Can I Give A Tesla To A Stranger Without Ruining Their Life? 

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youtubers are obsessed with giving away Teslas. and now so am i.

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Jayla Zarate
Jayla Zarate 10 minuuttia sitten
It never rained because it was obviously a rich persons wedding day
Dark Hoodie
Dark Hoodie Tunti sitten
7:00 to 7:30 well You lost me i’m not good at math and he starting his percentages My brain is about to pop
Jarred L
Jarred L 2 tuntia sitten
Danny what products do you use in your hair?
Bethany Willis
Bethany Willis 2 tuntia sitten
I loved this video but hearing the science behind giveaways made me increasingly angry and I reached my boiling point around 19 mins in
Bradyn Petty
Bradyn Petty 3 tuntia sitten
23:58 now we shall carefully pack the cnm sock *(read the story i have written with a calm voice in replys)*
Bradyn Petty
Bradyn Petty 3 tuntia sitten
Now wipe wipe wipe
Bradyn Petty
Bradyn Petty 3 tuntia sitten
Pick up the sock
Bradyn Petty
Bradyn Petty 3 tuntia sitten
Play bop it with yourself
Bradyn Petty
Bradyn Petty 3 tuntia sitten
Go to the location
Yhissann Williams
Yhissann Williams 4 tuntia sitten
This made me smile so hard😭😊😊💞
ilove toxicwaste
ilove toxicwaste 4 tuntia sitten
Danny you're my favorite humanitarian!
Technoblade tracks
Technoblade tracks 4 tuntia sitten
Hi dweam
Chris Dowdle
Chris Dowdle 6 tuntia sitten
Please, FIplace, recognize this man's humanity.
Chris Dowdle
Chris Dowdle 6 tuntia sitten
You are an amazing GREG!!
Forrest Axolotl
Forrest Axolotl 7 tuntia sitten
When I first watched those giveaways I thought ya that’s cool and all but aren’t they gonna fall into debt, I hope that the people doing this help pay for everything
P A S T E L - F L O W E R
If you kill someone and put the body in the Tesla's trunk, then it's kinda their Tesla. Don't worry, you won't be ruining their life, because they no longer have one! And the views will be crazy! The views will be so good the cops will show up to interview you!
C:NC 9 tuntia sitten
I just loved this so much.
CataylaSun Andriel
CataylaSun Andriel 13 tuntia sitten
Sidenote, while we don’t use Twitter. We do use Instagram. Instagram has calming coffee and tea pics and funny stuff. Edit: see you got it we do use Instagram. But Monica is THE BEST CHOICE Frick yeah
CataylaSun Andriel
CataylaSun Andriel 13 tuntia sitten
Danny buddy. Any good hearted fan doesn’t use Twitter. That place terrifies us. Like A LATTE, sorry we didn’t see u needed help. Sincerely, all the kind hearted Gregs
SketchyDonut 14 tuntia sitten
Damn im legally obligated to like this video
Short Viewer
Short Viewer 15 tuntia sitten
Thank you current
Captain Piggg
Captain Piggg 18 tuntia sitten
“Never rained” Well Danny, better you were safe then sorry
Piglet pepperoni
Piglet pepperoni 19 tuntia sitten
Damn if I had a twitter account I would tell you
Theia Anderson
Theia Anderson 19 tuntia sitten
Wow this was so cute I’m so happy for Monica!
no peace
no peace 21 tunti sitten
Swatenles 21 tunti sitten
EstoniaMAN555_ BOT
EstoniaMAN555_ BOT 22 tuntia sitten
you want cocaine
PotOfTeaMulan Päivä sitten
How this video managed to not become viral is beyond me. Probably his best stuff yet, super funny yet so thoughtful, i wish more people were aware of the issues that can arise for giveaway winners. This felt like a whole ass documentary
Devv Päivä sitten
it was worth the 40 minutes danny
ABBY DUVALL Päivä sitten
This is the cutest, most exciting video I have seen in a long time!!!
josh jaeger
josh jaeger Päivä sitten
Thank you for making this video Danny! I was laughing so hard when you showed us the small check. Such a random idea 🤘🤘
icey_shadows Päivä sitten
Damn you look good in that that ratatoing shirt😏😏
Daniel LeGrand
Daniel LeGrand Päivä sitten
Twin your full name is on the card
shecutie Päivä sitten
“i’m buying coke and hookers !!!” lMAO I LOVE THIS GIRL SKCNSNCJX
i am not suspicious
i am not suspicious 15 tuntia sitten
I'm pretty sure she said cocaine woo
Danielle Larsen
Danielle Larsen Päivä sitten
I’m so disappointed Greg didn’t help Danny when he was in trouble. That’s real Craig behavior.
The_Almighty_Jack Päivä sitten
Imagine being the person in a position to unknowingly win a new car and instead you send the guy a photo of a butter sculpture.
SimlyPanda 143
SimlyPanda 143 Päivä sitten
This is high key amazing. I wish I watched this sooner
Timothy Guerrero
Timothy Guerrero Päivä sitten
Mr. beast but with math
Laddy Bug
Laddy Bug Päivä sitten
Danny the facial hair is popping off😌
karl marx
karl marx Päivä sitten
We have seen Mr beast give away cars,we've even seen him destroy someone's car before giving them a new one,but he got nothing on this guy who gifted a car to his wife and he even gave her the keys to the car.I've never seen anyone give away a car and it's keys!
Super pig Gaming
Super pig Gaming Päivä sitten
You could have done 69k
Alexso228 Päivä sitten
Oh, man, you are insanely cool!
Anakin Päivä sitten
Just heard a gunshot outside if I don't reply to this comment then something spooky 😂😐 happened (no joke)
Cooper Pate
Cooper Pate Päivä sitten
Danny was right they where vaping
Shriya Arunkumar
Shriya Arunkumar Päivä sitten
you are a good good man
MicahNyke 2 päivää sitten
KSU for the baseball metaphor? Interesting choice
Caspian Williams
Caspian Williams 2 päivää sitten
This was a surprisingly emotional and enjoyable journey
Cameron Glass
Cameron Glass 2 päivää sitten
nice 2 päivää sitten
Pendapala Amakali
Pendapala Amakali 2 päivää sitten
Current is used to earn money by playing games and listening to your best song
pinkpeppers55 2 päivää sitten
The tiny check was absolutely amazing!!!
pinkpeppers55 2 päivää sitten
Pure hearted twitterless people watchign this vid ;^; (/j)
Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith 2 päivää sitten
I wasn’t nervous until you got nervous and now I’m nervous in all the suspense of the build up
Madeline Elene
Madeline Elene 2 päivää sitten
Yeaaaah I don't think "Pure hearted" people use twitter. Social media is kind of a cesspool of toxicity and mediocrity after all... I don't even knowing why I'm here. FIplace just sent me here for no reason. I guess FIplace wanted to remind me that I suck cause I can barely make ends meet while dudes on youtube are just fucking teslas at people cause likes, views and subscribbles plz. Still. It's a wholesome vid so you got your like, but I don't think I wanna sub to this sorta thing.
Xylite Tighe
Xylite Tighe 2 päivää sitten
Harvey -
Harvey - 2 päivää sitten
The most anti climactic surprise ever. Love it
Notlayla 2 päivää sitten
Jessica D
Jessica D 2 päivää sitten
Damn Shelby really just tried to sabotage this at every turn lol and what she couldn’t clean out her trunk beforehand 😂
Tyjuan Murphy
Tyjuan Murphy 2 päivää sitten
Ivan 8
Ivan 8 2 päivää sitten
Why not 69000? 😤
Hayden Rox
Hayden Rox 2 päivää sitten
if anyone knows can you please tell me the name of the font he uses at 1:04 thanks
Mandy Crittenden
Mandy Crittenden 2 päivää sitten
hi Draem
instrumentenfreak 2 päivää sitten
I love everything about this video. Seems you made a friend :-)
꧁Lazy productions꧂
꧁Lazy productions꧂ 2 päivää sitten
Woman gets Tesla, lives to regret it
Zormite 2 päivää sitten
your like mr beast
Zormite 2 päivää sitten
om gosh
Juanscools 2 päivää sitten
This is really has touched my heart (and my head) and after a year of watching him I have finally decided to subscribe after this video
evilbron666 2 päivää sitten
28.08 : i was listening and not watching and thought danny had put a hit out on this girl when i heard this :D
frankyg2384 2 päivää sitten
Good man.
Colty Pranks
Colty Pranks 3 päivää sitten
Blow this junk up!!! Danny the goat 🐐
murphey scott
murphey scott 3 päivää sitten
it actually doesn’t take 30 minutes to charge a Tesla and a Tesla charges faster than filling up a gas car and it costs less to charge a Tesla than it does to fill up a gas car
Mandy Cook
Mandy Cook 3 päivää sitten
I was born in Jacksonville Florida!!!
Mandy Cook
Mandy Cook 3 päivää sitten
Okay... so I finished watching this. And I’m happy about the ending :) thank you for giving someone who was cheated out a car once, money :) you are a good kind soul!
Mandy Cook
Mandy Cook 3 päivää sitten
Well this is upsetting. I should use Twitter more. But I don’t understand how to use it. So I don’t :( but then I miss out on 70k
Mandy Cook
Mandy Cook 3 päivää sitten
Can you like give me a car? I don’t want a Tesla... I just want a Ford Focus. Mines dying. A slow and painful death.
Moreno 3 päivää sitten
I love these different longer videos
Jack 3 päivää sitten
Totally a Grumman F-14 Tomcat
All I’m saying is that if you have it to a minor, they wouldn’t have to deal with taxes. With that being said; new video idea: “Giving a tesla to a toddler”
Cameron 3 päivää sitten
The one sweepstakes website that actually covers taxes and all that stuff is Omaze. They also offer cash alts.
Flight Reacts
Flight Reacts 3 päivää sitten
This video felt like ten minutes but was actually forty minutes💀
i am not suspicious
i am not suspicious 15 tuntia sitten
Ikr i accidentally clicked on the screen at the end and it literally said 40 minutes like ???????
Spaceman Spiff
Spaceman Spiff 3 päivää sitten
Shelby kinda fine tho
ley n
ley n 3 päivää sitten
Silverfire 12
Silverfire 12 3 päivää sitten
And with this, Danny has shot up my chart of great human beings. He put so much thought in how getting an expensive thing negatively affects people. He could’ve put no thought into it, but he did. You’re a good person Danny.
Victor got lost
Victor got lost 3 päivää sitten
Danny has been infected by mister-beast19
Ryan B
Ryan B 3 päivää sitten
I subbed because you finally gave away a Tesla. I had been waiting for this benchmark to be achieved.
Isaac Cruz
Isaac Cruz 3 päivää sitten
Government doesn’t want you to get free things.
jneos 3 päivää sitten
I've always wondered this, great video
Sav 💕
Sav 💕 3 päivää sitten
This was actually so wholesome?? I had no idea how it would end tbh
Grog 3 päivää sitten
My name is Greg what
Hoping Star E
Hoping Star E 3 päivää sitten
fun fact: if anyone you know personally is very famous and rich, DO NOT get attached to anything like a car. there is a 50% chance they will destroy it and replace it
Saturn Smiles
Saturn Smiles 3 päivää sitten
when danny interacts with other people he reminds me of my biological dad so much I have to click off like- SORRY BRO BUT I'M FREAKING OUT.
Dogeinator 3 päivää sitten
semen slurper
semen slurper 4 päivää sitten
30:54 lmao imagine how weird this looked
SpaceSimp 4 päivää sitten
Where can i get the toy soldier? TELL ME DANNY!
Toedoctor 4 päivää sitten
Holy shit that was epic
betania oliveira
betania oliveira 4 päivää sitten
Lindo lindo
MeggTheEgg 226
MeggTheEgg 226 4 päivää sitten
Ah yes, you Clearly need to live in the red white and blue country to have the purest heart
BEENY IS BS 4 päivää sitten
That beginning gives off mad Anthony Padilla vibes
Mikaela Oliver
Mikaela Oliver 4 päivää sitten
Shelby repeatedly fumbling the bag is me, I’ve never related with somebody so much! the struggling to find parking … felt that 😌
Chloe Snelling
Chloe Snelling 4 päivää sitten
This was such an interesting video, I loved it!
María Fernanda Acosta Núñez
Keep the Tesla, I want to hang out with Danny
*STUPID GEKO* 4 päivää sitten
What if they just took of with danny! xD
Olly Woods
Olly Woods 4 päivää sitten
The, "hunk", joke, was a good shout lmao.
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