Straight Up Bothering People 

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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on FIplace, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.








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The Saurus AKA [sick] AKA The OMC
Dangly thing in back of your throat = UVULA. SUCH a great word.
Klaus Moore
Klaus Moore 12 tuntia sitten
Don’t you know that already exist y’all ever heard of The Backyardigans?
•Mochi Gum•
•Mochi Gum• Päivä sitten
6:48 no people just smoke cigarettes and kids kill animals Also kids have phones And smoke and cigarettes are everywhere And every teen age girl is an e girl And a lot of American shirts
Nick Weston
Nick Weston 2 päivää sitten
Is this guy telling us to fake our deaths?
King Cameron
King Cameron 3 päivää sitten
0:06 a photo of a group of losers with no life
Dan Eggs
Dan Eggs 5 päivää sitten
Tiktokers and youtubers in Russia are something else
Daro'Mal 5 päivää sitten
10:50 "How are you in the rocking chair, guys?" actually means "How are you doing in the gym, guys?", 'cuz there's this word "качалка" in Russian that can mean both the rocking chair and the gym. Update: this word can also mean "the shank". That's Russian for ya.
Rangers cool epic youtube channel
6:58 "behave respectfully towards those around you"
sampouan 7 päivää sitten
Im so glad that im not in straight tik tok
Army_birdy💜 7 päivää sitten
I'm really starting to think my name is greg
Guy Sandler
Guy Sandler 9 päivää sitten
TikTok sucks
Blossomstar1000 10 päivää sitten
0:53 the backyardigans- I had no idea this guy new that show. I LOVE THAT SHOW TO THIS DAY STILL
BlockGirly Gamer
BlockGirly Gamer 10 päivää sitten
8:02 what the he-
Bee 10 päivää sitten
5:55 Mr resetti? Did he forget to save the game
Xavier Boyd
Xavier Boyd 11 päivää sitten
"You know, I may not be perfect, but I've got one thing going for me. I'm gonna die pretty soon." Sounds like me.
Eva Black
Eva Black 12 päivää sitten
ik its a year later but the vid at 10:48 , the lady is saying "are you mentally sick?" which i think describes the situation really well
Mateo Boch
Mateo Boch 16 päivää sitten
the way she went in?!? ya nasty minnie mouse
[ Su͟n͟n͟ ͟y-natrually ] x
[ Su͟n͟n͟ ͟y-natrually ] x 17 päivää sitten
5:16 oh- oh Danny- a- guys he doesn’t get it so uh uh basically all those girls were uh *cOUGH* menstruating *COUgh HACK* and so hugged them from behind like that would press on their bladder and mhm ALSO THE GUY SAYS “ThiS sTaTe” WITH A 18+ EMOJI LIKE- LIKE KIDS CANT KNOW ABOUT PERIODS EVEN THOUGH SOME GET THEM I CA-
Selena 17 päivää sitten
Nom nom
rando manac
rando manac 18 päivää sitten
dan dan the mermaid man there isnt any backyard content creators backyardagins am i a joke to you
Maude? 18 päivää sitten
Everything that enters Russia cant come back
rosensolace 19 päivää sitten
i thought this was called "straight people bothering people." still mostly works.
Tetsu Chang
Tetsu Chang 20 päivää sitten
straight RUSSIAN cringe is next level straight tiktok cringe
ఇ ◝‿◜ ఇ 호랑해
ఇ ◝‿◜ ఇ 호랑해 20 päivää sitten
as a russian, wtf 😀
Martthew q
Martthew q 21 päivä sitten
5:07 I mean all jokes aside life is kinda crap so like I'd consider that a positive.
peachy soobin
peachy soobin 22 päivää sitten
Plot twist: This video was actually sponsored by crunch
tHe moSt pRoffEssiOnaL mAn
tHe moSt pRoffEssiOnaL mAn 22 päivää sitten
“turn on notifications to join *[points to a jumbled stack of letters]* greg”
afannoe 23 päivää sitten
Nothing says Russia like the woman getting her comeuppance and the man getting off scott free.
Jmoney Swag
Jmoney Swag 24 päivää sitten
в Советской России панда - величайший враг
Gengar 24 päivää sitten
i may not be perfect but im gonna die soon - Danny Gonzalez
WiggletonTheWise 24 päivää sitten
It’s like Phineas and Ferb... but way more gross and disturbing
Megamanking11 The gamer
Megamanking11 The gamer 25 päivää sitten
Angel The Quaintrelle
Angel The Quaintrelle 25 päivää sitten
5:54 I just spoke to Tommy innit he said “give me a god damn minute” (sorry)
Dantes Father
Dantes Father 26 päivää sitten
Straight up, watched this video
Ellie C
Ellie C 26 päivää sitten
DukonicTheHegron 26 päivää sitten
Lol the "Respect others" description isn't exactly right, it's:"Treat the people around you with respect".
Thomas Young Art
Thomas Young Art 27 päivää sitten
8:18 Homer Simpson…
KARMAYT 27 päivää sitten
2:10 Uvula
iToes 27 päivää sitten
2:08 full song when?
Cobra plays 21
Cobra plays 21 28 päivää sitten
Wow I’m Russian and I’ve never seen someone who’s drunk this much vodka than this guy freaking kissing people
Roach Damascus
Roach Damascus 28 päivää sitten
Is Uvula.
River Styx
River Styx 29 päivää sitten
I read the title as "straight people bothering" 😭✋
Jared Y
Jared Y 29 päivää sitten
I’d like to think his microphone is plugged into the wall
Soyiled Chance
Soyiled Chance 29 päivää sitten
1:58 I get the joke
My.lifes.an.error. 29 päivää sitten
Im a russian, and i can 100% comfirm that that happens all the time
MTGamer Uukausi sitten
“He just takes this girls panda and hacki sacks it into oblivion”
Sofiia Znakharenko
Sofiia Znakharenko Uukausi sitten
as someone who was born in russia yes that happens every day.
Lucci Uukausi sitten
POV: only 10 y.o girls disliked the video vuz they watch this kinda of video
CheesyBugger 76
CheesyBugger 76 Uukausi sitten
I always wonder what people's parents must think when they see their children doing this, cause I would be uncomfortable. I ain't never looking that child in the eyes again
CheesyBugger 76
CheesyBugger 76 Uukausi sitten
*sigh*, I miss vine
Megan Rumpelt
Megan Rumpelt Uukausi sitten
Nice shirt, Dan
Bloomiederp Uukausi sitten
i asked my russian mom if she ever witnessed a girl drop her panda and some guy punted it and she said yes
Libby Bollinger
Libby Bollinger Uukausi sitten
Genuinely concerned by all the people who seem to be unable to tell the difference between the White House and the Capitol.
Eden Campbell
Eden Campbell Uukausi sitten
No one: Danny's Signature Dance: ✋👁👄👁🤚
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller Uukausi sitten
The best banging backyard
Israel Wesley
Israel Wesley Uukausi sitten
“I may not be perfect but I’m am gonna die now” - 5:12
LA viPer
LA viPer Uukausi sitten
Did anyone else hear the georgenotfound onlyfans sound track playing
StormyInSpace Uukausi sitten
brocoli is a smoll tree
"2:25 you get so confused that you make a 15 minute video" The video: *is actually **14:23* Me: so it was all lies?
Lackin Thebox
Lackin Thebox Uukausi sitten
The starwars music at 9:40 lmao
Woke Up
Woke Up Uukausi sitten
Unofficial Dream SMP Member
5:54 tommy!?
Zihuatanejo Uukausi sitten
"I may not be perfect, but at least I'm going to die soon" is a WHOLE mood.
Dar Riaworld
Dar Riaworld Uukausi sitten
In mother russia, the bear drops you
Haase Uukausi sitten
I think you are doing, well above. YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB
Lynzxz Uukausi sitten
why did he put turkish rap music over a pregnant russian girl yelling cause some dude is punching her stomack
petrapng Uukausi sitten
5:54 is the background music.... "georgenotfound onlyfans"?
pebbz Uukausi sitten
does anyone know what the video that was blurred was?
Kiera Gillard
Kiera Gillard Uukausi sitten
Could you please do a video where you react to piper rockells videos
Mars Uukausi sitten
I think we all have a danny accent at this point
HamiltonFan Uukausi sitten
When he was punching the woman she said "what are you, sick!"
aiden carrillo
aiden carrillo Uukausi sitten
The video Is 14 and 23 min not 15
Anja Stefanovic
Anja Stefanovic Uukausi sitten
I love the shirt like I would wear it
Kateo Uukausi sitten
6:01 - 6:06 whats the background music? sorr about not commenting on the video, it's one of my favorites tho:)
pc_ awsome
pc_ awsome Uukausi sitten
the backyard agains
:D Uukausi sitten
I'm not russian, but as a finn i can say, that it's true. Russians do throw pandas at people's feet and expect them to pick it up. That's actually the reason Finland became independent from russia. We were sick of picking up pandas.
KnownAsAndrew Uukausi sitten
In soviet russia you do not hug daddy ,daddy hug you
Pasta Costa
Pasta Costa Uukausi sitten
The video is showcasing the man of the future
Syth Uukausi sitten
5:50 *georgenotfound onlyfans intensifies*
Syth Uukausi sitten
The music
Elaine Baxter
Elaine Baxter Uukausi sitten
The tacit skin briefly welcome because box pathologically enter next a nippy beetle. envious, fat faulty argentina
Chuki Kuki
Chuki Kuki Uukausi sitten
As a russian i confirm that everything this tiktoks are about is just our ordinary typical everyday life
Optimist Uukausi sitten
Is it weird I have my volume muted w captions on and can hear Danny saying every word
Idk Uukausi sitten
keep in mind this is coming from a guy w a poster of him spanking himself in the backround
Littlest dumpling.
Littlest dumpling. Uukausi sitten
This is the first video of Danny I'm watching and as soon as I saw the picture on the wall, I paused the video and thought it was my brain doing tricks but I smudged my eyes and saw again, understood, resumed the video, subbed after. 😶
♡𝑩 𝒖 𝒏 𝒏 𝒚♡
"Or the backyardigans" Me: CASTAWAYS, WE ARE CASTAWAYS
Willxw Z
Willxw Z Uukausi sitten
As a russian, I can confirm that they are doing something EXTREMELY not normal
MrNoshie Uukausi sitten
PinkiethePanda Uukausi sitten
That shirt REALLY ages you
Xx BeanMaQueen xX
Xx BeanMaQueen xX Uukausi sitten
Don’t. Ever. Disrespect. The. Backyardigans. Again.
jel ly
jel ly Uukausi sitten
lol wtf
Victor Veremchuk
Victor Veremchuk Uukausi sitten
confirmed this does not happen in Russia 6:46
Devin Pappademos
Devin Pappademos Uukausi sitten
Did anyone else notice The Phantom Menace celebration music at 9:44?
DankMeme1742 Uukausi sitten
“But I feel like he isn’t respecting others, cause he takes her property and hacky-sacks it into oblivion.” I AM CHOKING! 😂 7:26
Denji San.
Denji San. Uukausi sitten
If a guy ever tried running up to me and tried kissing me you probably already know where I’ll send him... I’d send him to jail cause wtf is wrong with you-
Ace Uukausi sitten
As a Russian We don’t claim them
28HummingBird92 Uukausi sitten
You are so funny ❣️ I feel as if my life is in shambles, and yet I feel giddy when you say I'm Greg and every video makes me smile and laugh. I needed this. Thank you. Also, your songs are fire❣️ I blast that shit in my car❣️
Jaelyn Lorin
Jaelyn Lorin Uukausi sitten
im eating pizza
yeeyee boi
yeeyee boi Uukausi sitten
wtf is happing in 10:04
yeeyee boi
yeeyee boi Uukausi sitten
Emery Livingston
Emery Livingston Uukausi sitten
i heard georgenotfound only fans in the background
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